The Windward Combo

The patented Windward Eb/D convertible pitch flute with an accurate scale in both D and Eb is a terrific instrument for the player who enjoys performing in both pitches.

This is a six piece instrument, with a head-joint and centre joint, two tuning-slides and two foot-joints. Simply by switching the D tuning slide for the Eb slide, and the D foot-joint for the Eb foot, the player transforms the D Pratten into an E-flat Pratten.

The exceptional tuning in both Eb and D is made possible by design elements in the bore and acoustic engineering in the foot-joint. It is further assisted by skillful undercutting during the final tuning process.

Although the centre-joint and head-joint are retained for both iterations of the Combo, it is curious to note that the tone character of the Eb often sounds playful and quite different from the more serious character of the D.

See to the Combo

played by Sylvain Barou

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