The Windward Maple flute is the proverbial “party flute”

It weighs nothing is easy to play and gives instant gratification! Has excellent resonance despite its lightness, a sweet woody sound, and loud when you need it. If that is not enough... it smells like pancakes!!

It has a big and responsive sound, it is very clean and quick, is fantastic for a beginner and allows for growth.

This All-Canadian Windward Pratten D is made from birds-eye and fiddle-back maple that has been harvested in New Brunswick and heat-treated for stability by Thermalwood® Canada. The flutes are crafted in Nova Scotia and the cases made in Quebec.

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Production starts in early 2017, and the first ten orders will be ready for the Canadian Flute Association and the NFA conventions.

Pratten Eb also available to order.

Watch the Canadian Maple

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