Windward Flutes

Prices and Terms

You may order a flute to your exact specifications or ask us about flutes we have in our inventory.

Please view our available flutes, or contact us for flute availability.

Windward Canadian Maple

The Windward Canadian Maple in D, including soft case, and care kit $1926

Keyless Pratten

Keyless Pratten Flute in D or in Eb, with contrasting wood rings $1950
Keyless Pratten Flute in D or in Eb with sterling silver rings $2100

Windward Combo

Keyless Windward Combo in Eb/D with wood rings $2500
Keyless Windward Combo in Eb/D with sterling silver rings $2650

C Flutes

Keyless Windward C Flute with wood or faux ivory rings $1975
Keyless Windward C Flute with sterling silver rings $2125

Keyed Flutes

Keyed Pratten with 6 keys in D or Eb, with sterling silver rings
(with Long C, Bb, G#, Long F, short F and Eb keys)
Keyed Pratten with 8 keys in D or Eb, with sterling silver rings`
(Long C, Bb, G#, Long F, short F, Eb, C# and C keys)
Keyed Combo with 7 keys in Eb/D, with sterling silver rings
(Long C, Bb, G#, Long F, short F and an Eb key on each foot)

Flute Types

Each Windward Pratten flute has a tuning-slide and an endcap with an adjustable cork assembly. The flutes are made in our regular tone-woods: Grenadilla, Mopane and African Olive. For special tone-woods like Pink Ivory, Kingwood, Verawood or other, please ask about availability and price. Rings and detail are in sterling silver or contrasting flute wood, the latter being reinforced with carbon-fibre. If requested faux ivory can be used for flute detailing.

The Windward Combo is a six piece, dual pitch patented Windward Pratten, playable in both D and Eb scales and available as a keyed or keyless instrument.

The Windward C Flute is a keyless instrument, with a single centre section, smaller toneholes and a shorter foot-joint than the Pratten. But the C flute has a strong tone, excellent harmonics and a rich clear voice. It can be ordered with a single footjoint key.

On our simple system keyed flutes, the keys are mounted on integral wooden key-blocks, which have been milled directly out of the centre-joint and foot-joint wood blanks. The keys are hand forged sterling silver, having phosphor-bronze springs, brass axles, and Valentino pads for a good seal and longevity.

Flute Options

options listed below can be applied to most flutes, please inquire

"single billet" flute is one whose head-joint, tuning-slide, centre-joint and foot-joint are all cut from the same piece of wood for closest grain match $130
Custom offset toneholes $100
C Thumbhole $75
Eb foot joint key on keyless flute, if requested when the flute is ordered $350
Special tone-woods (Pink Ivory, Kingwood, Verawood or other) Market Price

Sterling Silver Keys

Due to fluctuating silver prices, we reserve the right to alter the price of our keys at any time.

Center joint keys
Long C Key $300
Bb key (left thumb) $275
Long Bb key (right index) $300
G# key $250
Long F key $400
Short F key $300
Foot joint keys
Eb key $300
C# Keys $690
C key $777
Eb key, add to any flute $450


Northwind French style hard case, custom made to fit the Windward Pratten $250
Northwind French style hard case custom made for the “Combo”
carved basswood shell with kid leather exterior, foam-padded basswood blocking interior, lined in velvet.

Altieri protective carry-bag with pocket and strap (custom made to fit Northwind case)
Water-resistant shell, with 4-layer insulated lining protects flute from abrupt humidity and temperature changes.

Altieri protective carry-bag with pocket and strap for the “Combo” (custom made to fit Northwind case)
Water-resistant shell, with 4-layer insulated lining protects flute from abrupt humidity and temperature changes.


Flute Care Supplies

Alisyn bore oil (29 cc bottle) $9
Alisyn cork and slide grease (10 gm container) $9
Windward’s own formula windings wax (10 gm container) $12
Cleaning Stick $20
Cork-stick (Rod Cameron’s design) with windings “bobbin”and made of flute-wood $50
Flute Care kit ~ cork stick w/bobbin, cleaning stick, bore oil, cork & slide grease and Windward’s windings wax (included with purchase of a new flute) $85

Orders, deposits & payments

To initiate an order, and cue the order into our production schedule, a deposit is required.

Please deposit $1000 for a keyed flute or $800 for a keyless flute. The balance will be due when your flute is completed, and the flute will be shipped when we receive the balance payment. If an order is cancelled, a non-refundable amount of the deposit ($175 for a keyless flute and $350 for a keyed flute) will be retained by Windward Flutes.

Wait Time

For a keyed flute, the wait time is a minumum of 36 months from the date you finalize your order specifications.

For a keyless flute, the wait could be as short as one week or as long as one year. A keyless flute can be obtained immediately, if there is a flute to your specifications in stock. If not, the wait time will depend on whether or not the flute you want is in the current production batch, and how soon it can be tested, subsequent to its completion. Contact us for availability.

Repair & Restoration

Repairs, restoration and workshop consultation are billed at $75 per hour, with a minimum charge of $125.

Initially we evaluate the flute at no charge and discuss our findings with the owner. After accepting the job, we perform an in-depth examination, and consult with the customer about the list of proposed repairs, proceeding with the work only with the authorization of the customer. At this point, the charges are approximate, as it is possible that the final tally may differ somewhat from the estimate. The actual cost of repairs can not be determined until the work is finished.

Materials and parts are billed as a separate cost.

Shipping, Handling & Insurance

Postage, shipping, handling and insurance will be charged to the customer.

We use FedEx as our primary international shipper, and Canada Post Express or Canada Post Priority, for shipping within Canada. The customer can request a preferred method of shipping if they wish. If damage occurs during shipping, we will provide any relevant documents we might have to help the customer with a claim.

For additional information please visit warranty and return policy