The Windward Keyless Pratten

This excellent sessions flute has a wide dynamic range. It is sweet and soulful on the slow airs, articulate and quick on jigs and reels, and loud when its called for.

The flute’s strong bottom-end allows the the player to punch a good hard D, and the intrinsic stability of the Windward bore facilitates crans, rolls and other ornamentation. Our keyless Pratten has an easily accessible 2½ octave range.

The flute has a tuning slide and a stopper which can be adjusted by rotating the end-cap, thus making it possible to fine tune the octaves, or explore other modalities with ease. This sessions flute can be ordered in either D or Eb. Some of the options available include a C thumb hole, offset finger holes, a single Eb key on the foot-joint, a choice between various combinations of flute-wood and trim, and in woods other than Grenadilla, which doesn’t demand it, grain-matched flute sections, cut from one single long billet of Mopane, African Olive, or Pink Ivory, for example.

An Introduction to the Windward Pratten

Music: "Reel of Mullinavat": Hanz Araki (flute) and Cary Novotny (Guitar)

Animation: Stefan Thamm

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Listen to a Windward Keyless Pratten

Sylvain Barou plays a Keyless Pratten

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