The acoustic component in the design of each Windward flute is borrowed from a particular instrument made in the 1800's.

To develop a flute in a given pitch, we meticulously measure a 19th century instrument in the desired pitch, choosing one with a good pedigree and track record! Then we make minor modifications to those measurements, where we think acoustic improvement is possible, and draw those changes into the design for the new reamer.

By experimenting on prototypes cut with the new reamer, we work out any change in size or position of the new tone-holes. We shape the embouchure, and undercut the tone-holes to bring the new flute into focus, letting us know if further adjustments are needed before launching the production instrument.

The tone of the flute is certainly the most important aspect in its design. If the sound delights, so too should the appearance and the way the instruments handles. Simple line, reserved detailing and an assiduous finishing method celebrates the beauty of the wood from which the flute is made.

Our aim is to make a flute that is a joy to play and will stand up to the demands of a serious musician over time, an instrument that is built to last, yet lovely in sound and appearance.